de Valera’s Rising: Boland’s Mill and Bakery

Treasury Building-01

Treasury Building, on the site of the former Boland’s Bakery (Photo by Mary O’Neill)

Boland’s Bakery, on the corner of Grand Canal Street and Macken Street where the Treasury Building now stands, served as the headquarters of the 3rd Battalion of the Irish Volunteers under Commandant Éamon de Valera. It was a key location, controlling the railway line and the main road leading from Dun Laoghaire, then known as Kingstown, to Dublin city.

Plaque on Treas. Building-1-01

Placque, Treasury Buildings (Photo by Mary O’Neill)

A plaque on the side of the Treasuring Building dates from the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Rising in 1966.

Apart from the battle at Mount Street Bridge on the Wednesday, there were no direct assaults on Boland’s until the Thursday, 27 April 1916. The garrison held out until news of the surrender was brought by nurse Elizabeth O’Farrell on the Sunday. The Flour Mills building, which was not used much during the Rising, is still standing.

The whole area is due for redevelopment now. Some of the historic buildings will be preserved as they are protected structures.

Boland's Flour Mills-1-01

Boland’s Flour Mills (Photo by Mary O’Neill)

Words and photos by Mary O’Neill



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