Hidden History

The centenary of the 1916 Rising is a great opportunity to learn more about how the Rising affected Ringsend and to research some of the people involved whose stories have since been forgotten or overlooked.

Our Remembering 1916 class meets every week. Students are free to explore topics that particularly interest them. For example, some students have stories about the Rising and its aftermath that were handed down to them by relatives, friends and neighbours. The students are writing up the stories for publication.

Other students are researching historical figures who are not so well known today but are fascinating in terms of their involvement in 1916: people like Elizabeth O’Farrell who delivered the surrender notice to General Lowe, and actor Arthur Shields, brother of Barry Fitzgerald.

We are also researching local places linked with the Rising, including Beggars Bush, Boland’s Mill and Mount Street Bridge. Many streets and buildings in the area are named after 1916 activists, but others are named after civilians caught up in the events. We are visiting some of the streets and researching the stories behind their names. Watch out for photos and updates in future blog posts!



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