Garden of Remembrance

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Clematis Jackmanii

The Horticulture class is commemorating the 1916 Rising by growing plants that were for sale to the public in April/May 1916. These plants were advertised in the Irish Independent of the time in a column entitled Seeds, Plants, Implements, Etc.  

Many of the flowers and vegetables we grow today were also being sold in the early part of the 20th century. It is comforting to realise that many of our ‘modern’ plants were also loved by our grandparents and great-grandparents. For example, bedding plants including geranium, begonia, lobelia, alysum and arabis were very popular. Pyrethrum was also advertised. This plant is now called chrysanthemum!

Of course, some flowers have fallen out of favour. The variety of clematis called Jackmanii was for sale in 1916, but is not so popular today.

The Horticulture class recently started sowing some of the seeds advertised in 1916.  We hope to be able to grow these to maturity by May and transplant them to specially made window boxes.  These window boxes will be constructed by Horticulture and Woodwork students and placed in the new school garden.

By late summer/early autumn we should have a lovely display of plants which were a common sight to our forebears in 1916. Be sure to check the blog regularly for photos and updates!


Irish Independent, April 26th, 1916



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